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The Performance Platform For Extraordinary Teams

Ignite is a unified platform for recruitment, performance reporting, objective setting, employee coaching, and staff turnover management. Consolidate systems, clearly set your business objectives, and get everyone moving in the right direction today.

Improve KPIs

Drive real, measurable improvement to your business by making your objectives and performance easy to communicate, analyze, and action.

Unified Strategy

Keep everyone heading in the right direction with cascading objectives that communicate desired performance levels and align your team to your corporate goals.

Powerful Coaching

Maximize the potential of your people through a powerful employee coaching system that incorporates tasks, commitments, objectives, and acknowledgments.

Faster Decisions

React to performance changes and make decisions faster with instant access to the most up-to-date performance reporting.

Reduce Expenses

Eliminate the costs of manually prepared and distributed reporting, and reduce your IT costs by removing the need for other recruitment and attrition management systems.

Lifecycle Insight

Understand what is happening across your entire employee lifecycle, from job application to regular performance, to exit - all built into a lightning-fast reporting system.

Unified performance platform

A consolidated home for your goals and objective setting, and all the performance management tools you need to get you there.

Strategic Objectives

Having clear company goals and the detailed objectives that will drive them is critical to the success of a modern, high-performing business.

Ignite supports company goals and cascading objectives. Your team can see what they need to achieve and how their performance connects to your corporate strategy.

Scorecards & Dashboards

Accepting data from a range of formats including CSV and directly via API, Ignite maintains a single source of truth for performance results across your business.

Performance data is stored against unlimited reporting levels, allowing you to explore and understand results across your hierarchy.

Heavily-focused on speed and reporting flexibility, Ignite's reporting engine allows fast interaction with your performance results, whether for a single person or your entire global enterprise.

Performance Coaching

Structured performance coaching from a skilled coach, team leader or manager is easily regarded one of the most powerful performance improvement mechanisms in business.

Ignite empowers your organization to maximize your investment in coaching time, through the documentation and communication of coaching session outcomes. Established tasks, commitments, and details can quickly be captured, without traditional coaching forms hampering the conversation.

Recruitment Management

Ignite supports your business right from a position first being created. Position descriptions can be stored and easily attached to new openings when needed. Applications can be stored in the system, with support to manage their progress and easily search across applications and individual applicants.

When you are ready to hire, applicants can be updated to employees. This feature ensures you have a unified employee relationship management system, and your employees can start work with their Ignite account already set up.

Turnover Analysis

Providing your exiting employees an opportunity to share feedback and voice concerns is an essential part of your overall performance management platform. Of course, often, employees are merely moving on to something new. However, when there are issues that could have been avoided, and may still be affecting others, you need to know about it.

Ignite provides a survey-based feedback system that allows your employees to share feedback before or after they exit. Participants can choose to submit feedback anonymously, and apply a random delay to its submission, to protect their identify and facilitate honest and valuable insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ignite?

Ignite is an enterprise performance platform to help you manage and drive performance at your company. It is a web application, so all you need is a browser to get started.

Ignite provides tools, reports, and insights for the entire employee lifecycle. It has features to manage recruitment processes, communicate corporate goals and objectives, monitor operational performance, maximize performance coaching effectiveness, and understand staff turnover.

What kind of companies use Ignite?

Ignite is suitable for any company that has measurable performance objectives that they want to pursue, and that wants to understand how each person and reporting group is contributing to their overall results.

It is particularly suitable for companies that use formal coaching sessions to review individual performance and put strategies and objectives in place for future improvement.

When will Ignite be available?

Ignite is currently under development. Prototype versions are being shared with power users in various industries for initial feedback right now. We expect to have a complete working application available late in 2019 for early access, and then have it broadly available in 2020.

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Who makes Ignite?

Ignite is being made by 4thPortal. We are a team of business analysts and software developers based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We've been operating since 2013. We also created UltimateCSR, SpecFuse, and Uplook.

Our team has experience working for large enterprises like QSuper, IBM and HP, and consulting for Concentrix, Flight Centre, Origin, and Bupa. We've seen the need for a unified performance management application, and we are excited to make it happen with Ignite.

Interested to know more?

We are going to offer early access to Ignite late in 2019.
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